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What is an empty leg private jet?

An empty leg private jet refers to a discounted flight on a private aircraft that becomes available when the plane is scheduled to fly without passengers.

This typically occurs when the private aircraft needs to be repositioned to another location for its next charter booking or return to its home base after completing a one-way trip.

These empty leg private jet flights are often sold at a significantly reduced rate (up to 90%) compared to regular private jet charters, as operators prefer to fill these otherwise empty flights to offset operating costs.

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empty leg private jet flights

Cost savings with empty leg private jets

Empty leg private jets offer significant cost savings compared to traditional private jet charters, making the luxury of private aviation more accessible to a wider range of travelers.

Depending on factors such as aircraft type, route, and demand, empty leg flights can be discounted up to 90% off regular charter rates. This massive reduction in cost is due to the flight’s positioning nature, as the operator aims to offset expenses associated with flying an otherwise empty aircraft.

While the exact cost of an empty leg flight varies, passengers can typically expect to save thousands of dollars compared to the price of a standard private jet charter.

These savings can make private jet travel a viable option for last-minute trips, business meetings, or special occasions, where the benefits of privacy, flexibility, and time-saving conveniences are highly valuable.

It is important to note that the availability and pricing of empty leg flights are subject to change, and travelers may need to be adaptable with their plans to secure the best deals.

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Popular routes for empty leg private jets

The most popular routes for empty leg private jet flights tend to mirror the high-demand corridors for regular private jet charters, as these routes experience a higher frequency of one-way trips, which leads to more repositioning flights.

In the United States, popular routes include those between major business and leisure destinations, such as New York City to Miami, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, and San Francisco to Palm Springs.

In Europe, popular empty leg routes often connect major financial hubs like London, Paris, and Frankfurt, as well as coveted vacation spots along the Mediterranean, such as Nice, Cannes, Ibiza, and Mykonos.

Outside of the United States and Europe, Dubai and Abu Dabi are popular destinations due to the wealth and business activity in the United Arab Emirates.

While these popular routes tend to offer more opportunities for empty leg flights, passengers must remember that availability is still subject to the aircraft’s schedule and route.

By staying flexible with travel plans and monitoring specialized booking platforms, travelers can increase their chances of securing an empty leg flight on a desirable route.

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